The Volbeat rumor mill begins in Seattle

Volbeat singer, Michael Poulsen

Will Volbeat be playing KISW’s annual Pain in the Grass festival, this year?  This year’s event will be held Saturday, August 27 at the White River Amphitheater, in Auburn, WA.  The current lineup includes KORN, Queensryche, Five Finger Death Punch, Chevelle, Hinder, All That Remains, Duff McKagan’s Loaded and Witchburn.   The only thing that could make this lineup better is Volbeat; a band from Denmark that has taken Europe by storm.  It was just a matter of time before they brought “it” to the United States.  And make no mistake: they’ve got “it”.

Us with guitarist, Thomas Bredahl

Any fan of country, punk, rock, alternative, you name it should be able to appreciate Volbeat’s unique fusion of every kind of music most of us adore.  Influenced by Johnny Cash and Elvis, Social Distortion and Metallica, Volbeat has got it all.  Heck, they’ve even toured with Metallica back in 2009 on their World Magnetic Tour.  The incredible melodies of singer Michael Poulsen, guitarist Thomas Bredahl, and bassist Anders Kjolholm will quickly have you jumping online to Google their lyrics so you can join in and be their 4th harmony.  They’re the best thing to come to the United States in music in a very long time.  Young or old, it’s unavoidable to sit still listening to Volbeat’s music.  I haven’t been this excited about a band…well, ever.

Check out their latest video “Fallen”, now being played on KISW!!! –or–view their video of our 2 year old son’s favorite song, “Sad Man’s Tongue” below.

Rumors are swirling due to the fact that they are playing KATS 94.5’s Rock Hard at the Park festival, being held on August 26, with a lineup that’s practically the same, give or take a few bands.  Also, the turnout for their show at El Corazon was overwhelming, to say the least.  Now that they’ve started playing Volbeat’s “Fallen” on KISW, we can only hope the rumors are true.

Me & drummer, Jon Larsen

Me & my brother with Michael Poulsen at the House of Blues

My first Volbeat show was in Anaheim, CA at the House of Blues.  I didn’t expect much because I wasn’t as familiar with their music as my brother, who invited me.  I was blown away and have been a fan ever since.  When their show almost got canceled due to a power outage in the 6 block radius surrounding El Corazon, we enjoyed the show that much more when the lights came back on.  They had a surprisingly large fan base that knew all their lyrics and went nuts over them.  Classy as any band you’ll find, they came out and took pictures and shook hands with their fans after both of the shows I went to.  Ya gotta love that!

I’ll keep you posted!

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UPDATE 6/9/11: After speaking with a friend who has in inside track on these things, I was saddened to hear that Volbeat will not be performing at this year’s Pain in the Grass.  Because KORN is considered the headliner (I’ll reserve my judgment on that one), they could not afford to have Volbeat on their ticket.  Still, they will be in Post Falls, ID the day before so if you’re feeling up for a road trip and maybe a little jaunt on over to Silverwood Theme Park, they are worth every red cent that your ticket costs.  I’ll continue to let you all know if any of that changes.


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