Is America a Christian nation? Come and find out, with me!

When discussing the history of our nation, there is perhaps no more controversial a subject, as the question of whether or not the Founding Fathers were religious.  There are many events and people that have distorted our history to fit a particular agenda.  At a time when we seem to be more divided than ever, I think it’s important to look back to their own words, and find out where our roots lie.  We shouldn’t be afraid to find out what the intent of our Founders was.  They were flawed as individuals, yes, but the ideals that we were founded on have made us the most prosperous nation in history.   How were they able to accomplish this?

I’m happy to announce that after over a year in the making, I will be leading a small group at Brooklake Church, in Federal Way.  It began when I learned about a teaching program called Vacation Liberty School.  It wasn’t a particularly religious curriculum but was aimed at correcting the revisionist history that has plagued our schools in recent decades.  It was designed for children ages 10-15.  I needed 4-6 people to help in teaching the curriculum but realized quickly that I didn’t even know that many people who knew this part of our history.  I figured I better teach it to the adults before it was even possible to talk about the true history of America, with our youth.

We’ll be discussing The Black Robed Regiment, Divine Providence vs. Manifest Destiny, the real story of the wall between separation of church and state, and the faith of the Founders in general.  We’ll even discuss their feelings on slavery and the faith of the 2 least religious Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Taking a look at their own words rather than the stories found in a textbook, is very eye opening and encouraging.

You do not need to be a member of Brooklake Church to attend.  I encourage anyone who is interested to please attend.  Classes begin on Monday, June 6 and run every other week for 12 weeks.  July 4 is on a Monday this year so we will skip that week and resume the following week.  Please click here to inquire about this group.  I look forward to learning with you!

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