Hannity Interviews Mercedes Colwin and Jennifer Smetters re: “War on Easter”

I’m already feeling a little on the snarky side tonight.  I’m not quite sure why.   As a way to sort of purge the discontent I’m feeling in my gut though as of this moment, I have to share my feelings about a debate between attorneys Mercedes Colwin and Jennifer Smetters on Hannity tonight.  I found myself vomiting a bit in my mouth and not for the reason you might think.  Honestly, I’m not sure why I would even turn on the ideologue that is Sean Hannity while being in such a mood.  I’ll have to remember that for next time.

The “War on Easter” as some have called it, is nothing new.  There is an undeniable double standard when it comes to Christian holidays compared with just about every other holiday, from every other religion in America.   Easter is now “Springsphere”, Christmas is now “Winter Festival”, so on and so forth.  It’s disgusting to me not just as a Christian, but as an American.  The phrase “separation of church and state” has been uttered thousands of times by folks on the left who either don’t know the real story or simply want to change history.  That’s not what I want to talk about though.  Not today anyhow.

As an example to make their case that there is indeed a “War on Easter” they were citing a phrase from the blog of self-proclaimed atheist and actor, Ricky Gervais where he said:

“So many Christians think that because they believe in the right God, they are automatically good and have a one-way ticket to everlasting life. Dare I say it but I suspect this is their main reason for believing.

They then went onto bring up the ever-controversial Lady Gaga and her new song, “Judas”.  The words are indeed provocative and offensive to many Christians.  Wow.  Big shock, I know.

Jennifer Smetters

Smetter began talking about how Christians who are generally “tolerant”, “passive”, and “understanding” in nature, are being mistaken as being “weak.”  OK, I’ll go with that.  We are pretty darn tolerant; especially when compared with many other religions in the world.  She went on to call Gervais’ comments “out of line”.  Alright.  Still in agreement.  Then she used the word, “indoctrination” and the brakes in my head screeched to a grinding halt.

Are you kidding me?!  He’s a comedian whose greatest achievement has been hosting the Academy Awards.  I had to Google him for this article just so I knew I was spelling the guy’s name right for crying out loud.  Yeah, I’m sure we’re all looking to him as our moral compass, Jennifer.  Go ahead.  Make the stretch.  We’ll all be up here in lawn chairs, drinking lemonade when you’re finally done digging that hole.

Enter the usually refreshing Mercedes Colwin.  She interrupts Smetter to remind her that this is all about money.  Both entertainers want to be “lightning rods”, make news, money, and controversy.  It’s good for their brand, let’s face it. Smetter interrupted her more times than I can count to chant, “But it doesn’t make it right!”

No, Jennifer.  It doesn’t.  But I’m pretty sure that’s not the point Mercedes was trying to make here.  When Mercedes was almost finished (finally, thanks to interruptions) making her point, Jennifer sat up straight in her chair with her bubble gum colored blazer, lipstick, pearl necklace and Malibu Barbie hair and very self-righteously pointed her finger up to say, “and that is a part of the moral decay of our society.”

Mercedes Colwin

I wasn’t sure where she was going here though to be perfectly honest.  Nauseating as Ms. Smetter was, I mostly agreed with her.  That is until she went on to talk about how the release of the Lady Gaga tune was “poorly timed” and that she should’ve exercised “restraint” because Easter is approaching.  Mercedes even went so far as to call her out and accuse her of wanting censorship.  Smetter responded with, “This isn’t about freedom of expression.”

Excuse me?  I wasn’t aware that free speech took a vacation during the week of Easter.  I want to hear the misguided, foolish things people say.  That’s the great thing about living in America.  You are free to show the world what an idiot you are.  You are not free however, from the criticism it draws.  The best thing?  You don’t have to buy her albums or pay to see his movies.  As a friend likes to remind me, “People can always turn the channel”.

If you think you’re doing Lady Liberty any favors by censoring this kind of talk, Ms. Smetter, you’re sadly mistaken.  Henry Steele Commager was right when he said, “The fact is that censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion.”  I’m smart enough to decide not to be indoctrinated by Ricky Gervais and also not so dumb to think Lady Gaga does the things she does for anything other than shock value.  Give me and the rest of America a little bit of credit.  Sheesh.


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