Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Mom

First off, I would like to thank the folks over at Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics.  They remind me of how much fun it is to be a girl.  Being a stay-at-home mother of two (not to mention a busy small business owner) can make you forget that at times.  Their colors are so incredibly fun in fact, that my daughter thinks that my superfine loose powder shadows are hers.  To date, I’ve cleaned up their metallic eyeshadow in shades of Blackstar Blue, Sunlit Cactus, and most recently (yesterday), Mardi Gras.  You’d think by now I’d know to keep my makeup out of her reach but much like her, I never learn.  At first I’m thoroughly irritated, although I honestly don’t know whether I’m more upset with her or myself.  Then I stop and think to myself, ‘Heidi, she’s just trying to be like her Mommy.’ 

What was I thinking taking my son to Kohl’s tonight? Did I think that he’d magically turn into the child who likes to sit in a shopping cart for an hour and wait for me to try shoes on?  He was good enough for me to try on and decide to buy these beautiful Candies heels.  Like Jesse’s Girl, which has helped me rediscover a side of me I thought I had lost, I realize the value in a good pair of shoes.  Now before I run the risk of sounding materialistic, allow me to clarify.  There’s something empowering about looking and feeling your best.  It’s just easier to be my highest self.  The two go hand in hand, if you ask me. 

Anyway, my son was surprising me with his patience and his interest in the clothes I was looking at.  He sat still for about 15 minutes before he turned back into the person I know him to be.  He twists to get out of the seatbelt, stands up in the cart so of course I have to put him down and he just takes… off.  I have to abandon the cart (containing my purse, mind you) and run after him.  The kid’s surprisingly fast for having 12” legs. 

So yada, yada, yada, I distract him with Toy Story jammies and he finally sits back down.  I’m sweating and panting like a girl who hasn’t worked out in months because, guess what?  I haven’t worked out in months!  I start arguing in my own mind with myself as we’re walking and thinking to myself, “Why, Heidi?  Why would you take him here?!”. 

Then we find our way into housewares, and we walk by the pots and pans.  Without any hesitation he sticks his hand out over a hanging frying pan and goes, “HOT!!!”  Every pot or pan we walked by in that entire section, he did that.  I must’ve heard about a dozen adorable “HOT!!!”s.  It’s a very brief, nasally “HOT!” that he shouts out anytime he sees something he knows he’s not supposed to touch.  He doesn’t talk much so really, it’s just about the cutest thing ever and I found myself cracking up.  I realized that had I not brought him, I’d never have that experience with him.

 The point is, no matter how thin the pancake is, there are always two sides; two ways to look at every situation.  I’m a stay-at-home mom and the only people who think that’s an easy job are those who have never met or been one.  It is a 24/7, sometimes thankless series of events that sometimes can seem incredibly unimportant (have you watched Barney?).  Or, I can look at it for how it really is.  An honor.  A privilege.  An absolute blessing.  My kids are awesome.  They make me laugh.  They amaze me with their ability to learn, and they humble me each and every day because I don’t know what I did to deserve them.  And no matter how many times they spill my makeup or throw themselves down on the floor of a department store, there’s nothing that will ever change that.


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